I am an HR professional

Get the most out of your career

Are you passionate about HR and does a tailor-made career within HR sound like music to your ears?

A permanent job in HR directly with our client or rather project consultant within the Tenos Team on various projects? Or do you prefer a temporary mission as a Freelance HR Interim Manager? We’ll map out your career together.

Our USPs

What makes it fun at Tenos?

Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Take on a project where you excel and that energizes you. Find your inner Ikigai! That makes work really fun! A smile works wonders and is contagious, even when the going gets tough.

Your project is always tailored to your ambitions and desires. Knowledge sharing from experienced professionals and on-the-job training are a given.

We work together as 1 team to find the best solution for the customer. In short, You = We.

As professionals, we go the extra mile: Quality is key, both internally and towards our clients. Striving for the best solution for our client and the project is our top priority. A satisfied customer always comes back and is the best reference in the market.

Working at Tenos is more than just a job. A balance between work and personal life, whether in the office or remote. Where there is also time for relaxation and fun afterworks with the team.

Tailored to your career

As an HR professional, we want to offer you challenging projects that bring you satisfaction. Do you like Recruitment & Selection, Payroll, Compensation & Benefits or rather have a passion for Training & Development? We will search for a project that suits you. Where you can add value thanks to your specialisation. Temporary or fixed. Remote or onsite.

Even as a starter and recent graduate in HR or Payroll, you are welcome at Tenos. We’d love to explore together how we can assist you in finding your first project or permanent job

Welcome to the Tenos Community

Tenos is a place where you can learn, grow further and do so with plenty of challenge. We carefully align your projects with your competences and expectations.

At Tenos, Pay it Forward or ‘Pass it on’ is a common theme within our community. The experience you gain from senior colleagues you can later pass on to new colleagues on your next project. Thanks to this cross-pollination, we strengthen each other and contribute even more to the success of our clients.

Does it taste like more?

Craving something new? Ready for the next step?